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Althotas.com is brought to you by Delta Group and Virtua Drug, a group of leading scientific experts in the field of Computational Chemistry and highly-experienced software engineers and programmers.

The success story of Delta Group started more than 24 years ago when a small service company was founded by the name of Lezer Elektronik Ltd. Thanks to the precise and exemplary activity in Hungary, it has managed to be one of the key players on the IT and office automation market.
Quarter of a century ago, Delta Group’s primary goal was to manage clients’ needs on the highest possible level together with keeping company philosophy in focus. This was possible only with making the product protfolio wider and employ more and better educated experts. Delta Informatika Plc, as the mother of the Group, supervises the whole activity, while Delta Systems Ltd. is responsible for the networking area and Delta Services Ltd. is managing technical services, outsourcing jobs and office automation trade. In these tree areas more than 220 full-time, well-trained colleagues are employed.
In the last 20 years the success was still going on: as the result of the never-ending development, succesful marketing and our professional staff’s attitude, the turnover of the company reached 60 million EURO, ranking the copany the top 3 privatley owned system integrators in Hungary.
The main focus of Delta Services Ltd. is to manage, service and offer more and more effective solutions for our partners in the everyday usage of their machine-fleet in their own environment. We are managing more then 13 000 MFPs and printers for more than 600 companies in Hungary. In our focus there is always a business need. We provide solutions to our customers starting from printing audit to managing an optimised fleet of machines via cost saving, design and implementation.
There are several areas Delta Group is well-represented on market: trading of IT and office automation machines, supplies, accessories including software solutions, servers, storages, PCs, printing systems for offices, manifacturing environment, governmental institutions etc.; IT and office automation related technical services including maintenance contracts, warranty and non-warranty repairs.
Delta Services Ltd., as the other members of the Group, also takes constant efforts for being recognised by quality without compromises, professional knowledge and the provider offers up-to-date technological solutions for each of the IT and office automation needs.

Virtua Drug research and development company is a rapidly growing, innovative operation aimed at offering solutions for high-quality molecular modeling for the pharmaceutical industry, chemical database management, and chemoinformatics. Virtua Drug integrates areas of expertise such as computer science, biology, and biochemistry thus facilitating the utilization of informatics with biochemical models to interpret experimental data, develop predictive models, and support biochemistry and medicine.

Virtua Drug Ltd offers various kinds of computer-aided biochemistry services, including the handling of computer-based research projects in order to explain and rationalize experimental data. Virtua Drug has extensive experience in applying methods such as molecular docking and molecular dynamics calculations, homology modelling, and ligand-protein docking.

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Virtual Laboratory for predicting drug interactions

Project code: KMOP-1.1.1-09/1-2009-0044
Project duration: April 1, 2010 – November 30, 2012


DELTA Services Ltd.
39-53. Szentendrei St. Budapest 1033


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MAG – Hungarian Economic Development Centre
81-83 Váci St. Budapest 1139



VirtuaDrug Ltd.
HAS Research Centre of Natural Sciences

The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Funding by the European Union and the Hungarian State: 140 800 000 HUF.