Althotas has been launched!


We are proud to announce that the Althotas server is online now. Now you can predict the drug targets and simulate the interactions of ligand-receptor complexes from a single platform. We welcome all scientists and research scholars in the field of structural bioinformatics, drug design and experimental therapeutics to explore our software and experiment with docking simulations... Read More

Substrate Prediction for Albumin

It is a great day today and I am calling it “Albumin Day”, because that is what we are discussing in this post. As mentioned earlier, human serum albumin is the most abundant protein in the plasma. This makes it an ideal carrier of various steroid hormones and therapeutic drugs.  Albumin is involved as a carrier protein of therapeutics that are used in treatment of diabetes,... Read More

Predict the substrates for Pgps with Althothas

If you have already explored the functionalities of Althotas, then I appreciate your taste — you are on a good track. If you haven’t, then tell us what are you waiting for? Today I am posting to make my fellow researchers familiar with the merits of Pgp substrate prediction, as it is the first in the list of virtual experiments that you can perform using Althotas. Human... Read More

Prediction of substrates for Cytochrome P450s

Today is the day we talk about Cytochromes; how important they are, what can you do with them using Althotas Virtual Laboratory and why haven’t you done anything about them yet? Humor aside, cytochromes P450s are the second most important iron containing compounds of our body (second only to hemoglobin of course)..They play a role in diverse biochemical finctions i.e. apoptosis,... Read More